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ISSN 0201-7385. ISSN 2074-6636


Publishing Activity of Moscow University Translation Studies Bulletin is based on regulations of Chapter 70 “Author’s Right” of the Russian Federation Civil Code, The Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and Guidelines on Good Publication Practice elaborated by the Committee on Publication Ethics ( ).


All authors must contribute to the research the results of which are presented in the paper and to the writing of the paper. All authors take public responsibility for the content of their paper. The author(s) must provide reliable and authentic results of carried studies and provide the guarantee that the results of the study are truly original, the borrowed fragments are properly cited with the obligatory reference to the author and to the source. The authors are oblidged to correct or refute the errors detected in the publication.

Information about the financial support of the study (if any) should be provided by the author(s).


Plagiarism could be defined as “the unreferenced use of others’ published or unpublished ideas” ( ). The Journal publishes only original and unpublished texts, in Russian and in other languages (with parallel texts in Russian). Plagiarism is not tolerated and the rejection of the article is automatic at any stage of the process.

Self-plagiarism (copying one’s own already published text extracts or whole texts without proper reference to the relevant publication or permission of the copyright holder) is considered unethical and should be avoided.

Citation rules and plagiarism avoidance techniques include:

  • using quotes around cited words;
  • using single quotes for a quotation within a quotation;
  • using a space and three periods (full-stops) for a part of the quotation which is omitted;
  • using square brackets around added words within a quotation;
  • making no lexical changes to cited passages;
  • limiting the use of direct quotes;
  • paraphrazing or summarizing the information derived from different sources using one’s own words.

Malpractice Statement

Any cases of academic misconduct such as fraud, breached intellectual property rights, etc. will not be tolerated. The Editor and the Publisher will not leave any sentence or claim in regards to manuscripts and publications unattended, and will take all the required efforts to restore the violated rights.

The materials will not be allowed to be published if any reasonable doubt in plagiarism of its content appears.

The articles containing calls for national, ethnical or religious strife will not be accepted for publication.

The manuscript submitted to another journal or published in another journal cannot be submitted to the Journal without special decision of the Editorial board.

The Editorial board’s publication decisions are made on the basis of the data reliability and the scientific value of the work despite the race, gender, nationality, citizenship, social position, religious or political views of the authors. Unpublished materials will not be used for private purposes and will not be transferred to any third parties; the materials will be kept confidential.

Access Policy

Published quarterly. Catalog classification number (agency “Rospechat”): 20408. Subscription is taken at post-offices of the Russian Federation.